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How can I easily clean carpets, fabrics, sofas and pet fabrics at home?

Nowadays, people like to arrange a variety of beautiful furniture, in order to decorate the house, there will inevitably be fabric products, such as blankets on the floor, cushions on the seats, one-piece fabric sofas, curtains on the windows, etc., these fabric products, although with the house can become very beautiful and warm, but it is not forbidden to dirty, a slight inadvertence appeared stains, not only cleaning very time-consuming and laborious, plus the limited space for drying at home, drying is also a big problem!


What is a fabric cleaning machine?

The fabric cleaning machine has been a popular product for only a few years, from its name you can tell that it is a special cleaning product for fabric upholstery products, its working principle is also very simple, it mainly uses water and cleaning liquid mixed together, running the pump, spray pressure to a specific spot to soften stains, then use the built-in brush to soften loose stains, and finally use the suction of the machine for fabric stains quickly. The suction power of the machine is then used to quickly suck the fabric stains into the waste water tank, allowing the fabric to be cleaned quickly and cleanly.


The role of carpet cleaning machines

It is also very powerful for cleaning carpets, fabric sofas, upholstered furniture, curtains, mattresses, pillows, pet nests, floating window mats, car seats, trunks, headliners and other fabric items. Particularly suitable for pet families and families with children, stains from urine, milk, baby soup and spilt drinks can be easily removed, restoring the fabric to its original condition in time to prevent old stains.


What are the advantages of carpet cleaning machines?

1. Compact in size, they don't take up much space and are easy to store.

2. a wide range of uses, as long as the fabric can be cleaned with it.

3. It has a high stain removal capacity and can easily remove stains from fabrics.

4. The water tank is separated from the dirt, avoiding secondary pollution during cleaning and providing a clean environment.

5. Easy to use, even the elderly can easily familiarise themselves with the operation.


Who are carpet cleaning machines designed for?


1. for mattresses, cushions, sofas, curtains and other fabric items.
If any of your furniture is made of fabric, you'll need a fabric cleaning machine that can remove dirt from all kinds of fabric items.

2. For children at home: remove all kinds of fabric stains
With children at home, there are often various unexpected situations, such as writing and drawing on curtains and sofas with watercolours, leaving watercolour marks, or accidentally spilling yoghurt or other things on blankets.

3. For pets at home: removing urine stains
Pets are no less destructive than bear children, often footprints are trampled everywhere, and in the worst cases there is urine on the bed, sofa, carpet and other places, these incidents have become commonplace for pet people, but cleaning is also very annoying, so having a fabric cleaning machine will not have to spend time and effort cleaning yourself, you can play with your cat / dog in peace.

4. Suitable for people with cars: seat mats, boot mats and other cleaning.
The fabric cleaning machine can be used to clean curtains, blankets, sofas, etc., but also car seats, roof, boot and other cleaning, with the fabric cleaning machine you can always clean the inside of the car, the car cleaning can also be taken home to clean furniture, the use is very wide.

5. For girls: removing aunt's bloodstains
For girls, they like to have a clean and tidy house, but also put some cute furry things to decorate their room, if there is a dirt, always need to clean, moreover girls will have so many days of physiological period each month, there will be time to accidentally dirty cushions, mattresses, sofas, so in order to avoid a dirt to clean the problem, get a fabric cleaning machine. It is also necessary to have a fabric cleaner.


Recommended products:

Vacmaster SCA0801 Spot-Cleaner 


1 Small size, doesn't take up much space and has a great designer look.

2 Uses integrated suction and washing technology, so while the fabric is being cleaned, the stain is also vacuumed together.

3 It has a deep stain absorption capacity and removes stains with precision.

4 Configured with a water tank for clean stain separation and no secondary contamination during cleaning.


1300W 30L Fabric Sofa Vacuum Cleaner 3 In 1 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner 


1. spray and extract in one, two-in-one cleaning machine, using spray and extract principle, can clean the whole house, to achieve deep decontamination and quick drying.

2. all-in-one floor brush, can clean a wider range, multi-function with, can meet a variety of needs.

3. Adopt RF remote control, 360° signal reception, strong penetration, 10m radius can be received.


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